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Office & Commercial

maids4U offers Office & Commercial cleaning in a range of settings including healthcare and educational facilities.  Based on our proven three colour domestic cleaning system and procedures, with the addition during the COVID-19 outbreak of a fourth disinfection stage which has been coloured Yellow.

Our Office and Commercial cleaning services are designed for regular cleaning to maintain hygiene standards in workplaces, retail, hospitality, health and social care and educational premises.  These services sit alongside our newly launched Deep Clean & Disinfection service and customers have the option to combine both services to develop a cleaning and disinfection routine which is appropriate to their individual circumstances and budgets.


Office Cleaning
maids4U offers office cleaning at all levels from small single user through to large multiple employee, multiple department open plan offices and call centres.  We use our standard domestic cleaning system with segregation between toilets, kitchens/rest rooms and public areas with additional procedures for cleaning and disinfecting workstations focused on high touch areas like phones, keyboards, computer mouse and desks.

There is no single solution which is appropriate for all offices so we work with customers to develop a cleaning regime which meets their requirements and budget.  Cleaning can be performed out of hours, or discretely within normal working hours, to suit the customer.  Contact us now and arrange a visit to discuss your individual requirements.


Commercial & Hospitality
Retail, Pubs, Restaurants, Car Showrooms and other commercial premises face the challenge of keeping staff and customers safe as lockdown eases.  Equally important to the actual cleaning and disinfection is being able to reassure staff and customers that the business is taking all reasonable steps to maintain a COVID Secure environment where they can be confident to work or buy.

Alongside the regular cleaning maids4U has the capability to measure contamination levels and issue a certificate which can be displayed on the premises.  While others may say your premises are clean, maids4U can actually demonstrate that they are.  If you need to know that your premises are clean and hygienic, reassure staff and customers of hygiene levels, and satisfy yourself that you are doing the best you can without overspending on inefficient or ineffective cleaning regimes then contact us now to arrange a free demonstration of our cleaning, disinfecting and measurement capabilities.

Health & Social Care

It goes without saying that Healthcare facilities need to be clean, but how do you define clean when you don’t measure it?  Surfaces can look cosmetically clean and still have high levels of bacterial and viral contamination. Traditionally healthcare facilities have added disinfection to standard cleaning procedures but often the methods used by cleaning contractors do not give the desired levels of hygiene.

At maids4U staff are fully trained in the correct use of antiviral disinfectant, which, when combined with our standard three colour procedure will deliver exceptional levels of hygiene that can be confirmed using ATP technology.  A programme of regular swabbing can be used to identify problem areas, optimise the cleaning regime and frequency, and deal with any spikes in contamination levels.  This service can also be combined with our deep cleaning and disinfection service if it is suspected that premises may have been contaminated by patients or staff with symptoms.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been especially devastating in the Social Care environment with Care Homes experiencing high levels of transmission.  Carers can be supported with additional cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis or as part of the response to an outbreak.

Cleaning can be performed out of hours, or discretely within normal working hours, to suit the customer.  Contact us now and arrange a visit to discuss your individual requirements.


Pre-school and education
maids4U offers a range of services designed to complement existing cleaning regimes.  We can of course provide a full clean and disinfect service but typically this is already in place and there is no need to replace it.  

maids4U can provide deep cleaning and disinfection services as part of a regular cleaning regime or in response to suspected contamination or outbreak.  Our staff are all Disclosure Scotland checked although some only have basic disclosure, but we can upgrade this to full disclosure for all staff if required.  Staff are COSHH trained and we have independent third party consultants providing Health & Safety advice and performing annual audits of our policies, risk assessments and method statements.