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End of Tenancy CleansCleaning standards can be a source of conflict between landlords and tenants. The problem often lies in defining a standard which is fair, transparent and meets the expectations of both parties.

Disputes lead to:

  • Delays in re-letting the property and associated loss of income for the landlord
  • Delays in settling / returning deposits
  • Hassle all round

maids4U addresses these issues by offering an independent standard which both parties can agree on. Landlords and tenants are protected by a 100% No Quibble Guarantee so any issues are dealt with by maids4U allowing landlord and tenant to quickly come to a settlement.

maids4U can arbitrate between landlord and tenant – both parties agree that the maids4U standard is the agreed standard and we can quickly determine whether or not this has been achieved should the tenant opt to clean the property themselves or appoint an alternative cleaning company.



  • Have your rental property professionally cleaned and certified by maids4U then pass the certificate on to  your incoming tenants with a requirement that they return the property to the same standard at end of tenancy
  • maids4U can inspect the property during the tenancy or immediately prior to end of tenancy and give you a free estimate of the costs to return it to the agreed standard
  • If your tenants accept the estimate and engage maids4U the property will be cleaned to the standard and a new certificate issued for your incoming tenants.  If they clean it themselves or employ another cleaning company we will provide an estimate for any remedial works which you can then use to justify a deduction from the deposit



  • You can employ maids4U independent of any arrangement your landlord has for cleaning of the property at end of tenancy. 
  • We will undertake all necessary work as required by the landlord and issue you with a certificate of professional cleaning backed by a 100% No quibble guarantee – if there are any cleaning issues raised by the landlord which were in the agreed scope we will resolve the problems free of charge
  • You are far more likely to receive a full refund of your deposit as we act as arbitrator in any disputes with the landlord.
  • As experienced, professional cleaners we know the standards required and have the equipment and cleaning materials to achieve them.  It is very unlikely that you will be able to achieve these standard yourself and failure to do so may result in a significant financial loss as the landlord appoints his own cleaning to the company and you will have no say in scope or cost. 
  • Landlords may appoint whoever they can get to job done quickly so a premium charge will often apply.


maids4U works with both landlords and tenants to eliminate the conflicts associated with End of Tenancy, so we are happy to act as an independent arbitrator when issues arise. 

If both Landlord and Tenant agree to go down this route properties typically turnaround faster and deposits are returned in full and on time.

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