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Between 1918 and 1920 an estimated 500 million people around the world were infected with Spanish Flu with about 3% of the cases being fatal – an estimated total of 15 million dead in four major waves.  The current COVID-19 outbreak has claimed 400,000 lives with 7.5 million cases worldwide (at June 2020). 

In the UK we have had a prolonged period of lockdown and now as restrictions are lifted we face the challenge of protecting individuals, businesses and our public services from current and potential future outbreaks.
COVID-19, while at the front of all our minds today, is not the only pathogen we currently face as a society and is certainly not going to be the last.  Traditionally society has concentrated on cleaning, with decontamination and disinfection reserved for critical environments like healthcare and food preparation.  This will need to change if we are to avoid the devastating Health and Economic effects of viruses in the future.

maids4U has recently launched an integrated Cleaning & Disinfection service to offer customers a comprehensive and reliable solution to increased hygiene requirements during the current COVID-19 outbreak.  The new service is built on our experience of domestic and commercial cleaning which means that, unlike many others, we have the knowledge, systems, equipment and fully trained staff in place to deliver all aspects of the service NOW.

There has been significant focus recently on “fogging” services - the internet and social media are awash with videos of personnel in Hazchem suits spraying into the air, up walls and across ceilings in the misguided belief that they will significantly reduce viral risk.  This “scatter gun” approach to disinfection is costly, wasteful and most importantly largely ineffective.  Additionally, many of the companies and individuals offering this service lack the experience, expertise and credibility to deliver the first step in any disinfection service – the basic cleaning. Disinfection is best achieved on a clean surface. 

At maids4U we have invested in the best available equipment for each application including the Victory electrostatic handheld and back pack sprayers which when combined with industry leading antiviral disinfectants delivers exceptional and lasting results


At maids4U we have adopted a 4 stage process





The first challenge is to MEASURE cleanliness and contamination levels.  It is not possible at this stage to identify individual viruses, including COVID-19, in real time. However, by measuring total contamination levels before and after disinfection, and by using disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19 alongside other viruses and bacteria, we can measure the relative reduction in overall contamination and therefore extrapolate the reduction in COVID-19.

We use established technology which is widely accepted and used in sectors like Healthcare and Food Preparation.  We achieve this by taking swabs and analysing them in real time, using an ATP luminescence meter to give instant feedback on the relative cleanliness level of any surface.

We have invested heavily in equipment, research and testing capabilities to offer customers a reliable Cleaning & Disinfection service backed by testing and data.

We understand that many individuals and businesses are unclear on how to protect themselves, employees and customers from the threat of COVID-19.  If you would like to discuss your individual requirements and arrange a free consultation and demonstration of our capabilities please Contact Us.





A pre-requisite to any efficient disinfection is thorough and effective cleaning.  Our experience in cleaning a variety of environments including Offices, Restaurants, Healthcare facilities, Care Homes, Hospitality and Private Homes means we have the expertise, processes, equipment and highly trained personnel available now to either provide the clean or to work alongside your existing cleaning team.  We believe we can deliver a hygienic clean and unlike many others we can validate this by measuring bacterial contamination levels where appropriate.





It is vital to measure the effectiveness of the cleaning process before attempting disinfection.  In the initial stages we normally swab before and after cleaning to measure the efficiency of the cleaning process and to identify “hot” areas which require particular focus.  These areas are principally the areas that personnel will touch like door handles, phones and office equipment.



Once the “hot” areas have been identified they are disinfected with an approved antiviral disinfectant.  We will recommend an appropriate chemical and application method based on your individual requirement and budget ranging from manual spray and wipe through to a full electrostatic spray.

Electrostatic spraying is the gold standard in disinfection and offers the ultimate coverage of surfaces using the same technology used in spray painting.  By charging the chemical droplets, they are attracted to and will even wrap around surfaces.  This method minimises chemical use while maximising disinfection rates.


Our range of equipment and methods allows us to perform cost effective and efficient disinfection of vehicles, motorhomes & caravans, private homes and a range of business and commercial premises from shops, pubs and restaurants to car showrooms and factories.



We offer disinfection in critical settings including Care Homes, Healthcare facilities, Schools and Nurseries.  Sector specific water based chemicals can be used and customers have the option to select a suitable disinfectant from our range or to specify their own.  


We recommend the use of residual disinfectants to provide ongoing protection which can be tailored to your application by a programme of testing and monitoring which will determine the optimum disinfection frequency.




Critical to the success of any Clean & Disinfect service is the ability to monitor and adjust frequency and methodology to meet your specific requirements.  As part of our service we offer data driven analysis of swab results and can provide you with a report of bacterial and viral loads after disinfection.  This data and report can be used to demonstrate to employees and customers that premises have been properly disinfected. We can also provide a certificate and disinfection log to be displayed at the premises giving reassurance to all concerned that you have done everything you can to protect their health.